Indiarider Amit Biography | Wiki | Age | Net Worth


Indiarider Amit Biography | Wiki | Age | Net Worth

Indiarider Amit Biography | Wiki | Age | Net Worth: Indiarider Amit is a name of his channel on youtube. His full name was Amit Rathi. He was a very young guy from Hisar, India. He loves to ride. His all rides are on bikes. He is a bike lover guy. He has TNT Benelli 300, which used for the long ride. He rides different parts of the country and captured it on camera and share to the world through his youtube channel.

Early Life

India rider Amit was born on the 10th of November 1991 in Hisar, India. He was very intelligent and he starts his college life as an Arts student. He completes his B.A and gets in the home as an unemployed. You may also like to read Mumbiker Nikhil Biography.

One day he gets to purchase a bike from his father’s money. The bike was TNT Benelli 300 and a Toyota corolla altis 2010. As he loves to ride bikes, he started riding his Benelli and shoot videos on his phone. Then he decided to become a YouTuber. He buys SJCam and started shooting videos on his SJCam and put those videos on youtube.

He sees that people get to respond on his videos and want more videos from him. He gets motivated and started to go long drive. His first long drive was Rajasthan. Rajasthan is such a beautiful destination to visit.

This Is Rasthan Ride Video

He joins youtube on Jan 31, 2017, and he gets more than 58,228 subscribers and 7,248,131 views on his youtube channel till now. He grows very fast on youtube and he was doing very good on his channel.

Indiarider Amit Biography | Wiki | Age | Net Worth


Indiarider Amit‘s main source of earning was Adsense through youtube. he monetized his youtube channel and can be able to earn some money. He earns more than 15$-24$ per day.

India rider Amit

Indiarider Amit was a very healthy guy. He was 5 fits 7inches long and 84kgs. His hometown was Hisar. His eye color was black and his color was a little bit black. He was a very friendly guy if you want to connect with him? you can follow him on his Instagram and can be able to send messages. Here are the Instagram and Facebook. You can send him a mail for business inquiries, Email-