Techno Ruhez Biography, Wiki, Age, Wife, Family, Income

Techno Ruhez Biography, Wiki, Age, Wife, Family, Income: Techno Ruhez is the name of a channel that owns by Ruhez Amrelia. He is a  29 years old youtuber. He posts his video on Youtube on daily basis. Currently, he has 795,435 subscribers on his youtube channel. He uploads 1,363 videos on his youtube channel. He is very successful youtuber from Mumbai, Maharastra, India. Lets read Hooman Nouri Biography, Radhika Merchant Biography, Sahil Khanna Biography.

Early life

Ruhez Amrelia is born and raised in Mumbai, India. He has three brothers. He completes studies in Mumbai. He get his graduation in Bachlor of arts. After completinmg his studies he was work for small comapany. The company was paying just 5000/month to him.


After completing his studies, he works for a small company and after some time he left his job and get in the home. These days Ruhez start watching youtube videos and he gets encouraged by Geeky Ranjit(Is a Youtuber From Hyderabad). He downloads a video from a website and uploads it to youtube. After 2-3 month the video was getting views in lakhs and he gets 600 subscribers. He got motivated and start his career as youtuber.

He decided to upload tech-related videos on youtube. He uploads his first video was uploaded to youtube on 2nd of February in the year 2015 . He getting views and positive comments and the journey started. He uploads more videos as possible as he can and income was also started. After some time his Adsense was disabled and he has $900 in his adesnse account. That time was very difficult to digest, but Ruhez didn’t stop youtubing.

Techno Ruhez Biography, Wiki, Age, Wife, Family, Income

He continuously uploads videos on youtube and the good time has come and his Adsense was enabled again. He gets sponsorship also for gadgets as well. November 7, 2017, he has 50k Subscribers on his youtube channel.

He starts his youtube channel on 8th of January in the year 2015. Currently, he has 798,517 subscribers and 71,037,168 views also. He started his second channel also name Ruhez Amrelia. He starts his second channel on 7th of may in the year 2017. Currently, he has 31,635 subscribers and 1,079,392 views on his channel.


After success on youtube ruhez getting married to a Muslim girl. Currently, Ruhez Amrelia was spending a happy married life. He lives in Mumbai, India. You can contact /follow him on his social media as well.

About His Channel

On this channel Techno Ruhez, he brings his audience, reviews on all the latest and greatest phones, Mobile & PC, Tips & Tutorials. His goal is to intrigue the people with the latest reviews about new Android smartphones and tablets. Inform complete beginners on how to use their devices and show competent users little tricks.

His social accounts – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin you can follow him.

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